Neurologic Physiotherapy generally refers to the treatment of conditions and movement related problems involving the central nervous system (brain and/or spinal cord).

At Generations Sport & Spine we are devoted to not only promoting rehabilitation of the central nervous system and resulting symptoms, but also take into consideration secondary orthopedic conditions, thereby promoting optimal health recovery and helping the individual achieve the highest level of functioning possible.

Each assessment will evaluate structures involved, level of functioning and resulting secondary issues. The in-depth assessment will explore not only neurological components of the body, but also orthopaedic compensations.

Treatment will focus on progressing the individual through specific exercises, allowing them to steadily achieve and master ever-challenging positions, movements, activities and functional skills that is specific to the individual needs of the person. Furthermore, hands-on techniques involving body positioning and movement activation may also be employed to help the individual achieve the desired movement/position. Orthopedic treatment techniques may also be employed to treat any resulting musculoskeletal issues. A range of techniques may be utilized from joint mobilization allowing for proper joint position restoration to modalities including electrotherapy, laser and acupuncture to relieve pain.