Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation is a high-velocity low amplitude manual technique to the joints between spinal vertebrae. It is a highly-specialized skill that helps to regain proper mobility of the spinal segments. Once this mobility is regained it is common for the individual to feel pain relief quickly, sometimes even within a few moments. In some cases only a few treatments may be required. Commonly a "pop" or "crack" may be heard or felt, although audible, only minimal pain is noted with proper execution of the techniques. At Generations, spinal manipulation is used as an adjunct technique to the overall treatment of the individual, and is used in a wide range of conditions. As with any treatment method, if the patient is uncomfortable with the technique, it will not be used or pushed upon by the therapist. In our experience spinal manipulation is very successful in helping to restore normal movement and decrease pain. Before being implemented a "test" position or movement will be performed by the individual then "re-tested" following the manipulation, with this approach the individual will receive direct feedback as to the effectiveness of the technique.

Tony Bruni is one of Niagara's leaders in spinal manipulation. He is certified through the Spinal Manipulation Institute, being one of the fastest clinicians to fully complete the course. His mastery of the skill caught the attention of Dr. James Dunning, the founder of the Institute.

For more information regarding spinal manipulation, visit the Spinal Manipulation Institute: www.spinalmanipulation.org