Physiotherapy is utilized as part of an integrated medical system helping individuals recover from a wide range of physical ailments. Although many people wait until they are suffering from severe amounts of pain, utilizing physiotherapy services at the onset of symptoms may significantly help to reduce the duration of the injury and get you "back in the game".

Here at Generations Sport & Spine our dedication towards achieving results and personalized attention to detail, has given us the reputation of one of Niagara's finest in outpatient physiotherapy services. Our highly-skilled and progressive hands-on approach to treatment has made us second-to-non in optimizing patient outcomes.

At the beginning of your first appointment a Physiotherapist will take you through an in-depth physical evaluation which involves a complete movement assessment with the addition of specific anatomical testing to confirm the findings. With the understanding that the body must be viewed as one system; our evaluation technique allow us to form a treatment plan that not only efficiently resolves the symptoms, but effectively gets to the root of the problem.

Treatment is focused on restoring normal pain-free movements, through the use of skilled hands-on manual techniques, while utilizing pain relieving modalities such as electrotherapy and laser therapy. Our team works with each person to develop an exercise program or other techniques based upon the needs of your lifestyle to help you return to and possibly improve upon your prior level of activity.


Our hands-on treatment approach focuses on normalizing movements by addressing soft tissue, joint and neuromuscular components of the condition. After each treatment, the dysfunctional movement is retested and compared to pre-treatment levels. With this approach you will be constantly aware of how you are progressing, allowing for close cooperation between you and your therapist.

Generation's staff will continually work with you, discussing your condition and other related information, to help you achieve optimal health recovery.

Generation Sport & Spine provides a wide range of treatments for acute and chronic conditions, including Orthopedic, Neurologic, Vestibular, Chronic Pain, Sports Related, Work Related, Post Operative and Motor Vehicle conditions.